Sunday, June 28, 2009

God may not have given me a girl....

But he sure did give me a boy with the most tender heart and giving soul I have ever seen. Dylan is a boys boy; loves getting dirty, running as fast as he can, crashing his toy cars...but he also loves all the details involved in making mommy "pretty". He frequently asks to "style" my hair, which for hims means brushing it.... I never hesitate on his request, because it feels so good to be pampered. But today when I sat down to paint my finger nails and he kept asking to help, I decided 'what the heck' and told him Id let him do my toe nails... I figured Id be left with an interesting "mess", but his precious little blue eyes won me over!

And the finished product:

I cant decide whether I should clean up his paint job after he is in bed tonight, or should I just leave it to admire for another couple days???

Friday, June 26, 2009

New site

So I guess I shouldnt techincally share this yet, since Im still working on it and its very plain and simple right now....but, what the heck.

Monday, June 22, 2009

On my back deck

I love summer evenings spent on our deck; listening to the rural quietness, smelling the country air, watching the boys play....ahhh, the simplicity.

Tonight Dylan enjoyed sitting on the bench with daddy, while Hayden spent his time splashing in the pool and sharing the water with Lightning, our dog.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day is tomorrow...

I have been so busy with vacation Bible school this last week that I haven't had time to truly plan and prepare for Fathers Day...but I do have some ideas. For my wonderful husband, Michael, I have to really get my act together because he thew together a great Mothers Day for me a couple months ago. I know there will be breakfast in bed, cute handmade cards from the boys and lunch at his favorite restaurant-Texas Roadhouse. I also made a small gift for him--a collage of our recent beach trip, which Michael still talks about very frequently.

And I cant speak of Fathers Day without mentioning my dad. Out of all the people in my life, he is the one person who I can say has never let me down. He is the most humble, caring, selfless person I know...the most near to perfect man out there. I love my dad.
For Fathers Day he will also receive a collage. Hope he likes it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One long post

Oh wow..I'm so behind. Ill try to catch you up in a brief as possible post. I threw a baby shower for my best friend Rachel recently. She is due with a baby girl (Aubreigh) in early July.

Then, as soon as the shower was over, we left for our vacation. We had a nice week long trip to Myrtle Beach.

And lastly, my total weight loss hit 14 lbs this morning!!! Shocking, especially after a week of pure indulgence at the beach.