Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ode to Dylan

Dylan James
"Dyl" ~ "Sweet Cheeks" ~ "Dilly Willy"
Likes: the color green, Race Cars, Lightning McQueen, chocolate milk, McDonald's cheese burgers, apple slices(No peel!), sleeping in mommy's bed, riding his bike, Popsicles, going places, his friends Kaleb and Jacob.
Dislikes: broccoli, being bored, the heel of his sock coming out of his shoe, wearing plain shirts, having to sit still.
The sweetest little boy I have ever meet..seriously!
There aren't enough hours in the day to tell you how great he is...but tonight I was looking at his face and noticed his pretty blueish-green eyes and those precious little freckles across his nose and cheeks..and oh, how cute he is. I know one day this child will grow into a man...a man with his own life...I just hope he always remembers how much I love him...and how perfect he is in my eyes.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Much better!

You may have noticed in the previous pictures that my baby, Hayden, had some seriously scraggly hair---I have been lazy with hair cuts lately.

Well today I finally had it cut.

Much better!

He's Home!

So today was the big day...the day Dylan came home. He called from my parents cell phone and insisted we meet at Barnes & Nobel to pick him up.... He was thrilled to see us, but not as thrilled as I was to see him! When he seen me he ran to me,and I would of been running too if I weren't taking a picture!

On the drive home, he and Hayden caught up on missed laughs!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The weekend

Thank God that Dylan comes home tomorrow..I think Hayden misses him almost as much as me. After church today, as we were headed out to eat, Dylan called us...I talked to him a while, and when I said "bye" Hayden started screaming and crying... He wanted to talk to his brother... I handed him the phone-and it was just the sweetest interaction between them. I'm sure Dylan doesn't understand Haydens jibberish any more than I do, but Dylan humored him and carried on a conversation. It was just precious to see Haydens face light up when he heard Dylans voice.

Then tonight, Hayden and I went to a Fall Festival at my cousins church. There was a hay ride, which took us through some beautiful scenery. Hayden really enjoyed himself...especially pointing out every cow he seen!
After the ride we played for a while, ate and then came home. This has been a great weekend, but I am SO ready for Dylan to come back!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Dylan leaves for the beach today, with my parents...So for the weekend it'll only be Michael, Hayden and I. Three days without Dylan will be tough. I know Ill miss him like crazy, but I hope to spend some quality time with Hayden. Dylan was an only child for 2 1/2 years, but Hayden has never had "mommy only" time...
I have visions of a weekend filled with cuddling, an occasional nap and time to read the new book I bought. We shall see...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Imperfect Example

Well, its obviously no secret that I'm a Christian and love God...but lately I have really realized that what I do and say impacts others and that's a scary thought. I feel like people, especially unbelievers, really watch Christians and put them under microscopes searching for any signs of a "crack" or imperfection--well, let me tell ya-we have them! Lots of Christan's have many of them...No one is perfect, not a single soul...its only through the gift of perfect salvation that Im forgiven.
As a Christian, I feel a responsibility to live life carefully, and pray others see Gods love through me...but I do slip from time to time, I'm human....and I'm also growing daily.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Baby....

Today, when I got to work, I was looking at my calendar and realized how close it is to Hayden's birthday(01/25). With the holidays coming up I know the next 3 months will fly by! My "baby" will be 2 in January...and isn't that technically when you stop calling them a "baby"? That breaks my heart to think that in a few more months I will no longer have a baby.

I think back over the last 4 years, since I became a mommy....with Dylan, my first, I rushed every milestone-but with Hayden, I have almost dreaded every milestone knowing that meant he was getting one step closer to not being "my baby". Luckily, Hayden has been much "slower" than Dylan...crawled around 10 months, walked at 15 months and really just now started talking...well, his talking is a bit more of jabbering, but he is trying. I have sometimes wondered if God made him "slower" so I could relish the baby stage just a little longer....if so, thank you God. Maybe you could also make the next 3 months creep by...please?

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Bully...

Dylan has been having trouble with a certain boy at school wanting to pick on him. Today he came home declaring that he had a "horrible day" because the boy (who shall remain nameless) slammed his finger in a door and then laughed about it. Obviously my mother hen instinct kicked in and I had visions of me going to the school and showing this lil' boy how it felt to have his finger smashed in a door! But the more I pondered on it, I realized that now is the time to teach Dylan love and God shows us.

I took the time to explain to Dylan that he needed to pray for the lil' boy--which Dylan and I did together...and then suggested that we invite the lil' boy to church with us. I mean, I don't know what kind of life this boy has to endure at home. (I will admit that I did tell him next time the boy did anything mean to him he had my permission to defend himself..because I don't want Dylan to just get "ran over"...) But back to topic, I just think its so awesome that God is able to forgive everyone and love us, even though at times we are careless with his gift to us-his son, Jesus.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So here goes.....

I think Im may be the only person I know without a blog... and I figure, hey-my life is fairly interesting...some why not join in. So, here I am.

So, just to begin Ill throw out a few recent pics for you.